Michael Martin, 25 years of travel in bike with BMW

Michael Martin, 25 años de viajes en moto con BMW 

Michael Martin has been travelling to the four corners most distant from the planet for more than 30 years and has become the photographer of deserts most recognized in the world. All this always accompanied by another of his passions, motorcycles.

adrian sanchez-red 25 years Ago, the geographer qualified chosen the motorcycle as his vehicle of expedition preferred, in reality, it was a BMW R 100 GS, on which he made the trip across Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town.

“For me, the motorcycle seemed to be the ideal means of transport to go on my adventure travel in long distances to the more remote parts of our planet. In comparison with the car, is very light and nimble and narrow enough to travel even in narrow roads. It was thanks to the great enthusiasm of two employees of BMW for Africa, my travel companions and I were able to begin the journey in our motorcycle dream, the BMW R 100 GS. We were thrilled. And then, we managed to convince Lufthansa to fly our machines to Nairobi without cost. From there, we started our first big project,”recalls the 53-year-old.

Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad said: “Michael Martin and the BMW GS motorcycle have been a dream couple for 25 years, a combination that could not be more successful. The work of Michael Martin is unique in all the world, and the demands that makes to your vehicle dispatch shown in an impressive manner how well equipped is the BMW GS for this precise purpose. We are thrilled that the collaboration between Michael Martin and BMW Motorrad has had so much success in the last 25 years and we look forward to that as well continue”.

Explore Africa was something that Michael Martin simply could not resist. In 1995 and 1998, it was on expeditions to the Nile and the deserts of Africa on a BMW R 1100 GS.

“During this time, I decided to focus, primarily, on the theme of deserts. In the year 2000, I started the project “Deserts of the Earth”. On this occasion, I was driving a BMW R 1150 GS that, once again, had improved the qualities of its predecessor,” recalls Michael Martin.

In 2009, Michael Martin traveled and photographed for his new project “Desert Planet” on a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure that was created almost just for that kind of extreme demands. Due to that, in this time, Michael Martin not only explored the deserts dry, but also cold deserts and ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Since then, he has made more than 40 trips and expeditions. The resulting project, “Desert Planet”, is presented in the format multiview, such as a photo book, a television series and in the form of an exhibition.

Michael Martin begins his tour of presentation of “Desert Planet” October 22, 2016, and will be giving his fascinating show until April of 2017, in more than 100 cities in germany and 10 from austria.
For more information visit www.michael-martin.de.
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