5 essential things you should carry in your bike trip

5 cosas imprescindibles que debes llevar en tu viaje en moto 

If you plan to do a motorcycle trip this summer, we tell you 5 things that can not miss in your backpack to go perfectly well equipped to deal with any mishap.

paul recuenco The summer is one of the times in which the bikers took advantage to make trips on a bike since, although the heat is pressing, is when more time we have for the holidays.
At the time of planificarte a motorcycle trip, not only we have to prepare the path that we want to follow but the imprescincibles that we have to go on our (lightweight) luggage to be able to address any problems that may arise on the road.

-Bike gloves: it is one of the safety elements most essential -alongside the hull - which we have to carry when we go on a bike. Regardless of the time of year in which we travel, it is very important to keep the hands protected in order to win in comfort and safety.

-Basic Kit of tools: carry a basic set of tools on the bike can help us to solve small problems that may arise during the trip. A set of screwdrivers, of various sizes, another of Allen wrenches, a rubber mallet, pliers, normal, other tips, a short wire and at least a set of flat keys are essential. Oil and multi-purpose insulating tape are also good travel companions.

-Reflective jacket: although quite a few drivers of motorcycle tend to use this garment, travel with a high visibility vest is essential to the safety of the occupants of the bike, especially during those months of the year in the night before. In addition to the reflective vest, it is also advisable to bring a raincoat.

- Kit repairs punctures: puncture a wheel during a trip is a setback that can spoil the plans. Carrying an emergency kit that does not occupy too much space, you'll be able to repair the puncture of the tire and continue the trip until arriving at the workshop nearest to you.

- First aid kit: as we cannot 100% guarantee that an offset will be free from small incidents, it is very important to always have a first aid kit to heal cuts, burns or bruises that may appear on the way.

If you think that all of these items are too many for the little space available with the that you're traveling on your bike you can always put on your bike, some panniers or bags, will expand the capacity of your bike and will help you to lighten the load that you can carry in your backpack, which can be uncomfortable on a long trip.
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