It's official! Nike Mag, the shoes that tied themselves in Back to the Future, will be yours in 2016

Without a doubt, the announcement of the Nike Mag was one of the authentic more of the day yesterday. A day marked by the memory of Back to the Future. A date marked in our calendars as the day that Marty McFly returned to the future to meet with an amazing world, with products as exciting as a Nike running shoes whose laces are tied together alone. And to remember, Nike left us almost speechless when we presented these slippers. And even more when we confirmed that it will be available in 2016. Really, how was what I was waiting for the humanity, some shoes that tie themselves, without the need of agacharnos?

The original idea was conceived almost three decades ago, when Nike agreed to the collaboration with the filming of Back to the Future to glimpse how it would be in the shoes of the future. And without a doubt, gave the nail on the head, because of the technologies that are presented in the future of this saga of action movies, it is likely that this is one of the that you have not forgotten. Was it necessary? Probably not. But, what the heck, even if it is only by remembering the time we first saw this film, in our youth, and we imagine flying in a aeropatín, already will have been worth it.


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According to Nike, their sneakers are based on a sensor that detects that you have entered the distance, and a few actuators to tighten the laces to adjust the shoe and to offer maximum comfort and grip.

The best, without a doubt, is that Nike ensures that this technology, transferred from the fictional to the street, is being studied for its application in running shoes aimed at different sports. So that the possibility of having cords that, beyond tying automatically adjusted in function of the needs of the athlete, it could make all the difference to the time of the offering of a footstep more comfortable and natural to your user.

For the moment the only sure thing is that the first running shoes Nike Mag, the one that you see in these images, will be auctioned in a very limited edition whose benefits will be destined to the foundation of the actor who played Marty McFly, the foundation Michael J. Fox for Parkinson's Research. The ins and outs of this auction we'll know in the coming year, in the spring of 2016.

Source: Nike

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