How will the maps of the next generation? TomTom and Bosch tabajan in them

TomTom and Bosch have made official an agreement of collaboration by which both manufacturers will develop the next generation of maps for systems of driving advanced. This agreement is intended to put on the table a qualitative leap in the information that currently provide the basis of map data that we use, which poses a challenge in view of the demands of the driving systems automated and the closest autonomous car.


Maps of new generation will be accurate (margin of error of decimeters), adding an infinity of data about roads and their status in order to multiply the possibilities of the new technologies driving

There is a problem in terms of the driving systems automated, and is the current databases of maps and information pathways are not sufficiently accurate, nor provide all the information required by this new generation of cars. This is causing there are a multitude of parallel projects to develop a new generation of maps, but this idea, besides being very expensive and require a lot of resources in both time and infrastructure, you need a firm commitment to develop a database that has upgrade support and continuous improvement.

Here is where TomTom and Bosch intend to disassociate itself from its main rivals, because although, at present, have already collaborated in different experimental programs, for driving the autonomous, the new step is no other than the creation of some maps that would allow the landing of the autonomous vehicle large-scale.


The first point to highlight that will offer these maps is a high improvement in the precision, from meters to decimeters, this point is one of the key factors to be able to control almost exactly the position of the vehicles during the driving, even more so when you integrate the communication services Car2Car or Car-to-X that aim to exploit this factor to achieve the goal of zero accidents.


But the improvements in this new generation of maps, not just here. TomTom and Bosch introduced multiple layers of information that will serve the car to better know their surroundings and their exact position with respect to other road users. In addition, new data will be integrated, by adding information about the roads as is its radius of curvature, its inclination, density of traffic in real-time, etc

Source: TomTom | Bosch
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